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Caldera view in Santorini

Greek Islands 25

Oia village in Santorini

Greek Islands 24

Gazing the endless blue in Santorini

Greek Islands 23

View of the volcano of Santorini

Greek Islands 22

Town of Myconos

Greek Islands 21

Holiday Sun Hotel - Paros island

Greek Islands 20

White and blue in Santorini

Greek Islands 19

Oia village - Santorini

Greek Islands 18

The island of Myconos

Greek Islands 17

White pithos in Myconos

Greek Islands 16

Myconos sandy beach

Greek Islands 15

Paraportiani chappel in Myconos

Greek Islands 14

Crystal clear water in the Aegean

Greek Islands 13

Donkey ride in Hydra

Greek Islands 12

The port of the island of Hydra

Greek Islands 11

Breathtaking view of the caldera

Greek Islands 10

Whitewashed houses on a volcanic rock

Greek Islands 09

Orthodox church in Santorini

Greek Islands 08

All in blue: sky, sea, dome

Greek Islands 07

Santorini - bougainvillea flowers

Greek Islands 06

Santorini - view of volcano

Greek Islands 05

Santorini island

Greek Islands 04

Sunset in the Aegean Sea

Greek Islands 03

Paros - Holiday Sun Hotel

Greek Islands 02

Greek outfit by Indian group in Myconos

Me and My Travellers 11

Brasilian team at the Parthenon

Me and My Travellers 10

The marble Panathenaic stadium in Athens

Me and My Travellers 09

Erasmus trip on the Acropolis

Me and My Travellers 08

Didier and Genevieve on Lycabettus hill

Me and My Travellers 07

Brasilians at the temple of Apollo

Me and My Travellers 06

School trip in Ancient Olympia

Me and My Travellers 05

Football team on the Acropolis

Me and My Travellers 04

My Irish group in front of the Parthenon

Me and My Travellers 03

Military school visiting the Acropolis

Me and My Travellers 02

The Tholos temple in the sanctuary of Athena

Delphi 05

The treasury of the Athenians

Delphi 04

An ionic column on the sacred way

Delphi 03

The temple of Apollo

Delphi 02

A cold day with the guards

Me at work 10

Posing on the Acropolis

Me at work 09

The entrance of the Parthenon

Me at work 08

Blue dome of a church in Oia

Me at work 07

The island of Lesvos

Me at work 06

Crossing the Corinth Canal

Me at work 05

Outside of the Benaki Museum

Me at work 04

View of Athens from the Acropolis

Me at work 03

Relaxing in Oia, Santorini

Me at work 02

The Parthenon

Athens 14

The roman temple of Zeus

Athens 13

The ancient theatre of Dionysus

Athens 12

The Propylaea, entrance of the Acropolis

Athens 11

The Odeon of Herodes the Atticus

Athens 10

The tower of the winds in the Forum

Athens 09

The New Acropolis Museum

Athens 08

The Academy of Fine Arts

Athens 07

The Parthenon gallery in the Acropolis museum

Athens 06

The changing of the guards

Athens 05

The Greek Parliament

Athens 04

The changing of the guards

Athens 03

The temple of Hephaistus in the ancient agora

Athens 01

Posing in Fira, Santorini

Me at work 01

School trip at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus

Me and My Travellers 01

Santorini - Oia village

Greek Islands 01

The oracle of Delphi

Delphi 01

The olympic stadium of Athens

Athens 02