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byzantine chappel

A Byzantine day in Athens

Discover the numerous byzantine chapels of Athens, the little Metropolis, the Kapnikarea, the Cathedral, walk on Mars Hill where St.Paul preached the Athenians and complete the day with the visit of the Byzantine museum so as to admire the Byzantine icons and art.

Jewish tour in Athens

We shall visit  the two Jewish synagogues in Athens, the older one, Ets Haim, is a Romaniot and the new one, Beth Salom is a Sefaradit. Then I will guide you at the Jewish museum, founded in 1977 that covers the history of Jewish in Greece. The exhibits cover the 2300 years of Jewish life […]

Jewish star
Panathenaic Stadium - The birthplace of the Olympic games

Olympic games tour 2 – Athens 2004

Visit the venues of the Olympic games of 2004 in Athens, start with the ancient marble stadium used for the first modern Olympic games in 1896 and the finish of the marathon race every year, drive at the south where many modern venues can be seen and finish at the north of Athens where the […]

Olympic games tour 1

Visit the places where the panhellenic games took place, the birthplace of the Olympic games, the site of Olympia, the oracle of Delphi where the Pythian games were held, the site of Nemea and the site of Isthmia in the south of Greece. This is a three or four days tour with a mini van […]

Panathenaic Stadium - The birthplace of the Olympic games