About me

You will enjoy every minute!

javascript:;Picture of Anna BenakiI was born  in Athens in 1975 and raised in this city where I’ve also spent most of my life.

After highschool, I studied differest subjects such as drawing, clasical dance, flamenco, assistant accountant, secretarial studies, english litterature and poetry, french language and a few years later I passed the exams of the School of Guides.

During three years I learned prehistoric, classical, roman, byzantine, modern history and archaeology, history of art, geography, geology, I visited all the sites and the museums of Greece and started working in 2000.

I’ve escorted and guided groups, individuals, companies, schools, universities from USA, England, Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, Asia, Greece, Cyprus all these years all around my country and had some great time together.. One of the great experiences I had was in August 2004 when I worked for the Olympic games in Athens and the Coca Cola Company.

I love travelling and I take advantage of my time off in winter time so as to discover new places, people, cultures, ideas.

I love my work, I enjoy very much the company of the people I meet every day,  I have good sense of humor, I am usually optimistic and positive thinker and patience is my virtue.

So, the only thing that is left to do is to come in greece and see all these for yourself.

If you are visiting Athens for business or pleasure, if you have just a few hours to spend or plenty of time, if you like history or just want a taste of modern life, contact me and I will do my best to make your staying memorable!